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Our floral services

As we are a new florist in Rotorua, we only want to show you what we have done as a florist since we have been open. While our florists are very experienced, Julie has over 20 years experience!, and has done a huge amount of events such as weddings; we will only show pictures of what Kanuka Boutique Florist has done. Our services page is evolving as Kanuka Boutique Florist grows and we get more opportunity to show our floral designs to Rotorua. 

Buttonholes and Corsages

Whether is for your wedding or a school ball, buttonholes and corsages help to lift that beautiful suit or dress that you are wearing. A good corsage compliments the colours in your dress and makeup; it also gets to show a part of your personality through fresh flowers or dried flowers.

Here at Kanuka, we want to work with you to understand what colours and design flair you want. Tell us the colour of your dress or suit and allow us to create you something special.


So what is your experience with weddings?

Well, other than the experience of our florists have with the many wedding flowers they have done, let me tell you more about our florist here at Kanuka. Julie is getting married over the next 18 months! We know intimately how important beautiful wedding flowers are on your big day, both of our florists are going through the same thing. 

Julie and Tim have visited quite a few different wedding location to workout where they want to get married. Each of these locations has led to in-depth conversations over what the wedding flowers would look like; flowers for the beach would be very different from a wedding in native bush. 

Come and talk to our florists, they are experiencing what you are going through so have first hand knowledge on how to make your special day even more special.


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