Christmas Flowers

Christmas flower love

The festive season is here in full swing! The schools have broken up for they year, our kids are super excited to see what Santa brings and for our summer trip to the South Island!

Our little elves have been very busy in our workshop making a range of dried and fresh Christmas arrangements. We have been blown away by the feedback we have had from schools and businesses; what a better way to make an employee feel valued then with a beautiful gift of flowers and chocolate.

What we love about different seasons and festivals is that it gives our amazing florists the opportunity to be creative and do unique designs for our customers. We only get to make Christmas wreaths and table centre pieces once every year; so we make the most of the opportunity and have fun.

We are still have people asking after wreath making workshops. At the moment, we are just too busy to do any more this year (there is not much of 2020 left!), BUT we will be running workshops next year! We have some great ideas for workshops and we will let you know in the new year what we will be doing, so stayed tuned.

Our elves are busy in the shop until about 3pm on Christmas Eve, so there is still plenty of time to get loved ones, friends, families and employees a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers. Once our elves go home on Christmas Eve, we've decided to keep the shop shut until 7th January as its an important time to spend with family. Our chief Elf, Julie, will be on a tour of the South Island, I think that Julie will be taking every opportunity to look at flowers!

We hope every one has a very merry Christmas and a safe and fun break!


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