Our first workshop!

The festive season has started

Have you seen our shop recently? Clearly the festive season has started!

To celebrate the start of the festive season, Ashley and I decided to offer wreath making workshops! I was a bit nervous to start with as it's our first ever workshop.....how would people respond to it? Would any one be interested in these workshops?

With some trepidation, I advertised the workshops on Facebook and i was blown away by the immediate feedback.......we were fully booked! Sadly a few people had to pull out as life just gets in the way sometimes; but these spots were snapped up. There were also other calls for other types of workshops!

The excitement for our first wreath workshop built up last Saturday and i was very excited to have people come to us and want to learn and have fun! I couldn't have wished for nicer people to be our first workshop attendees and I can't wait for tomorrows workshop so that we can share our passion with other lovely people from Rotorua.

So will we be doing any more workshops? How could we not?! The new year is just around the corner and it will bring more workshops. I am currently thinking more wreath workshops, and one thing that we received LOTS of requests for, are floral crown workshops. We will be bringing more floral workshops to Rotorua very soon!

If you have any ideas for workshops that you want to see, then just let me know!


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